released December 30, 2018

Recorded and mixed by Kevin Bernsten of Developing Nations Studios
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege


all rights reserved



BANDIT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Room-clearing Grindcore

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Track Name: Lomza
They whip men
like horses
bury them in the forest.

Give bread to the children
before they kill them,

Mother Mary sees all.
Track Name: New Rochelle
I'm not your son
I'm accessory
A portrait hanging on the kitchen wall

This is not a conversation
An interrogation
Telegraphed through a tense jaw

This is not a family
its a "fuck you"
whispered softly down the hall
Track Name: Warsaw
Mom wouldn't let me go to school
because of the purple eye you gave me
soft swollen galaxy on my face.

Tell me that I earned it.
Tell me that I deserved this.

All the suffering for naught

Twenty years later in the hotel at 4 am
I found you
I try to take an eye of my own
If you want to keep it you'll have to kill me
Track Name: Satisfaction Denied
Pray with your eyes opened

Chase this dragon
in the name of suffering.

Fiending for your fevered screams.

You're a coward, just like me.
Track Name: Voyeur
In my mind I've watched you die
countless times
A working class pervert spreads the blinds
with his dirty fingers

A well dressed cuckold asleep in the corner
clutching a hunting knife like a teddy bear.

The hopeless romantic,
dreaming of the guillotine.
Track Name: Every.Other.Weekend
Mommy and Daddy still love you but not eachother
Track Name: Black Sand Beach
In the heat of the jungle night
I can feel you breath

Like a pugilist's kiss
raging across the universe

Air raid sirens, exotic islands
battle cracked retinas shatter the dark

This is not over
They ain't put me in the box yet
Track Name: Czestawova
The boy last night's beer on his breath
Helps his mother put flowers on the grave
His pale hands massage the earth

They kneel in the shadow of an angel
The great statue

"That's Sain't Michael"
He protects us
all of us

On His death bed I asked him what the
germans were like
"There was nothing worth remembering"
Two weeks later
He was gone.

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